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Permanent Contraception

The following is a brief summary of each method and is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of facts. Each method is associated with certain risks and benefits.

Not all women will be candidates for each method. This list will give you a starting point for further discussion with your practitioner to determine the method that best matches your needs in the context of all risks and benefits. For more information on each topic, please visit the associated link.

Essure (non incisional)

  • Type: Permanent; hormone free
  • Method: Tiny “coil” implants are inserted into fallopian tubes during an hysteroscopic procedure.  In most cases this procedure is performed in our office but it can also be performed in the operating room under anesthesia.   
  • Function: Implants trigger scar tissue to form in tubes, forming a natural barrier to prevent sperm from reaching an egg
  • Efficacy for preventing pregnancy when used properly: Over 99%
  • Maintenance: Three months after the procedure, an HSG (an x-ray dye study) is performed at the hospital to insure that the tubes have been blocked successfully. The HSG study is quick and does not require a hospital stay.
  • Duration of Use: This method is permanent
  • More information from the makers of the Essure device 

Tubal Ligation (incisional)


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