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I think I'm pregnant...what's next?

Determining if you’re pregnant is the first step. Let us help you establish your care as early as possible.

It’s time to call us if:

  • You think you are pregnant
  • Your period is unexpectedly late
  • You have had a positive home pregnancy test
  • You have had a positive pregnancy test at another medical facility (such as your primary care’s office). We will ask that you forward a copy of the results for your medical record.

For your convenience, pregnancy test visits are available in all of our offices by appointment. If you received a positive result on a home pregnancy test, we will confirm the result with a urine pregnancy test in our office. Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, we will coordinate the beginning of your pregnancy care.

If your results indicate that you are not pregnant but you still have symptoms, we recommend that you speak with a nurse in our office.  If you are not a patient in our practice, you will need to schedule an appointment before the nurse can advise you.

From the moment you think you're pregnant, to after you welcome your newborn to the world, our experienced team of prenatal practitioners deliver high quality, individualized pregnancy care.

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