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Your First Visit

Your first gyn visit is an important step.  It's your opportunity to openly discuss issues with a skilled practitioner who can provide you with education, guidance, and options.

We're here to help

It’s completely natural to feel a little nervous about your appointment, but knowing what to expect can be a big help. We are here to make your first visit with us as comfortable as possible – our friendly and competent staff will guide you every step of the way.

What to bring

  • A photo ID (such as a driver’s license or school ID)
  • Your health insurance card
  • Your copayment

What will happen during your visit

When you arrive in our office, our receptionist may ask you to complete paperwork related to your visit.

When we call you in for your visit, your next stop will be in our lab area (within our suite) where our medical assistant may ask for a urine sample.  We’ll also take your vitals including your blood pressure, height, and weight and ask questions related to your health and your family’s health. If you are uncomfortable answering any questions, talk to your practitioner about your concerns - we’ll be happy to explain a question or why the information is important. Being open and honest will help your practitioner address your health appropriately.

In the exam room, depending on the type of visit we may ask you to change out of your clothes and undergarments privately into a smock (or “johnny”).  Before your practitioner starts your exam, he or she will talk with you about your health and address any concerns or questions you may have. You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout your visit, but it is best to let your practitioner know what your concerns are at the beginning of your appointment so he or she can then tailor the visit to best meet your needs and expectations.

Your physical exam may include a breast exam, pelvic exam, and Pap smear.  The components of your exam will depend on your individual circumstances and health needs.  We will talk with you through your exam and at any time you can ask questions.  Most young women experience no or only mild discomfort with their first pelvic exam.  Our goal is to make your visit as comfortable possible.

Once your exam is over, the practitioner will wrap up the visit and make sure that all of your questions have been answered.

Click here for some FAQs about your first exam  (published by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

As a new patient to our practice, be sure to visit New Patients area of our website.

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