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How old should I be when I have my first gyn exam?

Often this question is approached from an "age" perspective.  However, in order to answer this question it is important to consider your particular needs in terms of your reproductive system development, sexual history and future sexual intentions, and any problems that you may be experiencing.  Generally speaking, a teen who is still receiving regular care from her pediatrician and who is not sexually active (and has never been sexually active and doesn't expect to become sexually active), and who is not experiencing any gynecologic symptoms (such as abnormal bleeding, painful periods, breast problems, etc.) can continue to receive care from her pediatrician.  However, we strongly recommend that proper gynecologic care be established BEFORE becoming sexually active.  Sexually active teens should receive regularly scheduled gynecologic care.  

I have my period…should I still come in for my appointment?

If your appointment is for a routine gyn exam, you should still come in for your appointment...we will perform most of your exam as scheduled but we may need to schedule a shorter follow up appointment for your Pap smear. 

What is “normal” during a period?

Menstrual cycles vary from woman to woman in terms of duration, flow, cramping, bloating, etc. If you find that your periods produce excessive symptoms, you should contact our office for further evaluation.  There are effective treatments for most menstrual disorders.  For an in-depth discussion of this topic, from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology,  please click here.  

Can I get pregnant while I have my period?

Yes. It is still possible to become pregnant if you have sex while you have your period.   

I’m sexually active and late for my period…should I worry?

If you are late for your period and have had sexual contact within the past month, you should contact our office for additional evaluation.   

Can I get an STD from having oral sex?

Yes.  Sexually transmitted diseases can be transferred from one person to another during oral, anal and vaginal sex, as well as during activities that involve intimate contact. 

What should I do if my sexual partner told me he or she has an STD?

It's very important to take steps to protect your health.  Please contact our office to discuss possible screening and necessary treatment options.    

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