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Sexual Health & STDs

Whether you are thinking of having sex for the first time or are currently sexually active, we have the right resources and information for you to put your choices in the context of reliable, accurate information.

Thinking of Having Sex?

Having sex for the first time is a decision that many teenagers face, more so in today’s society than ever before. Our fundamental belief is that your feelings, sexuality, and body are completely yours.

Often the “sex” question is thought of as an isolated incident - a “first time” that will be a moment in history once it’s over. We actually believe it is just the opposite…sex carries with it long term adult responsibilities (and sometimes consequences). The question becomes…”are you ready to accept and live with those responsibilities, whether they produce positive or negative outcomes?” Only YOU can answer that question.


We're here to provide information

Our practitioners can help you put your feelings and sexuality in the context of what else is going on in your life and what your expectations are. We won’t talk "AT" you…rather, we will talk "WITH" you and provide you with information and knowledge through which you can filter your decision.

Some things to consider: 

  • Sex is something that should be shared solely between two people in a long term relationship who love each other and respect each other and NEVER to gain love or respect.
  • Any sexual act, including vaginal, oral, and anal sex can transmit sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), even when no visible symptoms are present. 
  • Usually the earlier a person becomes sexually active, the more partners he/she will have in his/her lifetime, which increases risks for STDs. 
  • Some STDs have little or no symptoms and can cause infertility or other health problems later in life.
  • Even if you haven’t made the decision to have sex, you should be prepared with condoms, know how to use them, and most importantly, USE THEM – EVERY TIME. Although condoms do not offer 100% protection against STDs or pregnancy, they can offer some protection. Other forms of birth control offer varying levels of protection, but none are 100% effective. 
  • An unplanned pregnancy can change the path of your life and significantly alter how you experience your “teenage” years.

Already having sex?

Being a sexually active teen involves taking on adult responsibilities in terms of your health and wellness.  

  • We recommend that any sexually active woman be seen for regular gyn physical exams and be screened appropriately for STDs.  
  • An effective birth control plan is critical for preventing pregnancy; additionally, condom use EVERY TIME reduces (but does not eliminate) the risk of STD transmission.      
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms such as (but not limited to) vaginal discharge and/or odor, vaginal/genital irritation or pain, abnormal bleeding, painful urination, bumps in the genital area, etc., please call our office for further evaluation. 
  • If you miss your period unexpectedly or suspect you may be pregnant, please contact our office for further assistance.   

 Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Our practice offers diagnosis, treatment and/or appropriate follow up care for sexually transmitted infections and diseases.  "Knowing" your status is an important factor in a successful treatment plan.  If you are interested in being screened for any sexually transmitted disease, please contact our office.  Click here for an online FAQ reference page about Sexually Transmitted Infections from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

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