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Urodynamics testing is used to further diagnosis incontinence and bladder problems.  During a urodynamics appointment, we evaluate bladder function, voiding function, and how well you empty your bladder.

Prior to your visit

You will be asked to keep a voiding diary for any three (3) days prior to your visit.  It is very important that you carry the diary with you for those three (3) days and fill it out during the course of the day. The diary will be less accurate if you try to remember the information at the end of the day or the next day. We would like to have you fill out the voiding diary and questionnaire if you are being seen for incontinence or prolapse because a large percentage of patients with prolapse have some type of voiding dysfunction. Please remember to bring it with you on the day of your appointment with the completed questionnaire that we will give to you to complete.


In order to perform these tests, you will need to have a full bladder at your appointment. Therefore, on the day of your appointment you should drink fluids as you normally would; however, do not empty your bladder within one and one half hours of your appointment time (or your normal interval between trips to the bathroom).

During the visit

We will ask you to empty your bladder on a special urinal called a Uroflow machine which measures the pattern of your flow.  We then measure the remainder of urine in your bladder with an ultrasound scanner called a “bladder scan.”

More information

For a full discussion of diagnostic tools related to bladder functions and disorders, please visit our urinary evaluation and diagnosis page.

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