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Disability, FMLA & Forms

Please submit medical disability forms related to your pregnancy and childbirth to our office as soon as possible - this may include FMLA, state-sponsored Paid Family Medical Leave (such as MA PFML), group disability through your employer and/or individual disability insurance.

As your healthcare provider we are able to complete the healthcare provider certification section on these forms specifically related to your medical disability. We cannot complete medical disability (also called “serious health condition”) forms for time that is related to bonding with
your newborn unrelated to your period of medical disability. We will complete your form(s) based on your individual circumstances.

Helpful resources:

Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) in Massachusetts

  • If you are eligible for MA PFML, you can initiate the bonding portion of your leave (if you are choosing to take bonding leave) by contacting the MA Department of PFML - this is separate from your medical disability leave.

Federal Family and Medical Leave Act


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