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Hormone Therapy

Substituting for the hormones in your body that are reduced and eventually eliminated during the menopause transition can have many benefits from symptom relief to long term health advantages.

We will talk with you about the benefits and risks of hormone therapy and help you find the options that would be best for YOU.

Hormone therapy (HT) is a complex subject.  The media attention given to menopause and HT over the past few years has helped in the progression of the discussion but it is important to filter the available information in the context of scientific based research and evidence.   Consider the following:  

  • The term "hormone therapy" includes traditional hormone therapy and bioidentical hormone therapy.
  • Contrary to popular belief, bioidenticals and hormone therapy are more similar than they are different.  They include similar benefits and risks.
  • Both traditional therapy and bioidenticals aim to “replace” the hormones lost during menopause with estrogen or an estrogen/progesterone combination.
  • Nearly all modern hormone medications (including bioidenticals) are derived from the same plant sources and are made in the same labs. 

There are countless internet resources that discuss both types of hormone therapy in detail, both in favor and in opposition. Not all women will be candidates for hormone therapy and with all medications, there are certain benefits and risks that should be discussed with a healthcare professional before beginning any regimen.  The absolute best approach to choosing a solution that is right for you is to talk to a practitioner who can consider your unique situation in the context of scientific research and evidence-based results.

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