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CenteringPregnancy® is a great prenatal care option that provides assessment, support and education throughout your pregnancy, in an intimate and relaxed group setting.

  • **Due to COVID-19, for the safety of patients and staff CenteringPregnancy group sessions are not being offered at this time.  However, we look forward to returning to on-site group sessions at a later date.  

  • Spend two hours with your Nurse Midwife and other expecting moms at each visit

  • Become friends and have fun with other expectant parents over seven months of visits

  • Be efficient with your appointments and know all Centering visit dates early in the pregnancy

  • Learn how to take better care of yourself and your family

  • Topics include nutrition, comfort measures, contraception, feeding baby, birth options, labor, delivery, postpartum, and baby care

The Midwifery department of Baystate Ob/Gyn Group, Inc. is proud to offer  CenteringPregnancy® group care.  It is an exciting way for women and their families to get prenatal care, and an option that many enjoy.  Check-ups, support and education all take place in a group setting during each two hour session - with each woman having some private time with the midwife facilitator.  (Please note the above temporary changes to the individual prenatal assessments during Centering due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) 

Patients have been thrilled with the Centering option..."I think Centering is the GREATEST thing ever!  It really worked for my schedule, I got a lot of great information, I felt very supported and I made some wonderful friends.  I have recommended this group to my friend who is pregnant and she loves it too!"

Our CenteringPregnancy® Staff

Our CenteringPregnancy team consists of CNM facilitators as well as co-facilitators.  Each group is led by one facilitator and one co-facilitator for the duration of the sessions.  This allows for continuity of care and the opportunity to establish a ongoing patient-provider relationship with your facilitator and co-facilitator. 


Check-ups, support, and education all take place in a group setting. (Please note the above temporary changes due to COVID-19).  You will be in a group with other women (the same group of women for the whole pregnancy) whose due dates are close to yours.  Initially Centering sessions occur every four weeks; later in the pregnancy the sessions occur every two weeks.  There are a total of nine group sessions that occur during the pregnancy, and one reunion session that occurs during the postparum period.  In each of the prenatal sessions, you have some private time with your practitioner, but you will also meet as a group to discuss questions, concerns and solutions; you will also have a few private visits with your practitioner early in your pregnancy (for your ob history and physical) and late in the pregnancy.  Each session includes topics that focus on you, your baby, and your family.  Ultimately, the group as a whole determines the content of discussions based on feedback from each group member.

The group environment encourages meaningful discussion about important topics in pregnancy.  You will be able to talk about the things you are going through - both physically and emotionally.  You will have the opportunity to share stories and learn from the experiences of other women who may bring different perspectives and questions to the group - some you may not have even considered!  Many expecting moms enjoy the supportive "community" environment that develops over the course of the group visits.

"I really appreciated the Centering hours and enjoyed the company of the other women in the group.  Everyone at the office has been wonderful and I always felt well-informed.  This has truly been a great experience all around."

Learn Self-Care

As part of on-site group Centering, we will teach you how to take your own blood pressure and weight.  By recording this information in your own personal prenatal care record, you can track your progress throughout our pregnancy; many women enjoy keeping their prenatal record booklets as a keepsake! (Please note, the self-care portion of Centering has been adjusted while we are conducting Centering group sessions remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic).    

Maximize Your Time

At the beginning of your pregnancy, you will receive a schedule of your  CenteringPregnancy® visits including dates and times.  In general, each of your CenteringPregnancy® visits will occur at the same time of the day, on the same day of the week.  Group sessions occur every month in the beginning of your pregnancy and then twice per month closer to your due date.  Each two hour session starts and ends at the scheduled time, making it easy to plan for work and childcare.

For Upcoming CenteringPregnancy Schedules or More Information

For an upcoming schedule or for more information about CenteringPregnancy®, please contact our midwifery department at (413) 794-8484.  We are here to answer your questions about this exciting program!

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