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Telehealth Video Visits During Pandemic

The safety of our patients and staff is one of our top priorities especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  To reduce the need for patients to come into the office during the pandemic for certain visits we are pleased to coordinate HIPAA compliant video appointments.  When your provider recommends a virtual visit, it’s easy to connect on your smart phone through a text message sent by our office, and an excellent opportunity to receive necessary healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic for certain visits.  Below are FAQs related to our video visits.  Feel free to contact us with any questions! 

What are telehealth video visits?

  • Telehealth video visits use technology to enable the provider and patient to connect over real-time video from a distance, allowing the patient and provider to see and hear one another to create face to face encounter.  Patients connect from their home (or anywhere) to their BOGG provider over a video session. 

Are video visits HIPAA compliant?

  • We have chosen to partner with for our video visit solution. is designed and built to support the workflow of healthcare providers whcih includes following necessary rules and regulations associated with HIPAA. complies with privacy and HIPAA regulations. does not permanently store Protected Health Information and operates according to Privacy and Security Rules.  

How do I set up a video visit?

  • Contact us! (If you have an existing telehealth visit we will set up your video session at the time of check in!)  If your provider recommends a virtual visit, we will make all of the necessary arrangements including sending you a text message that includes a direct link to your provider's virtual waiting room on the day of your appointment.   

Do I need to download an app or software to have a video visit?

  • No - our telehealth video parter, does not require you to download any thing or register for an account.  The only information you will be asked to enter when using is your name, in order to check in to your provider's virtual waiting room.  

What are the technical requirements necessary?

  • Currently we are using text messages to send your provider's waiting room link, so you will need a smart phone (Android or iPhone) with a microphone and camera enabled browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).  A strong wifi signal will ensure optimal video quality.  We recommend using earbuds or a headset for the best audio quality during the video.

What else do I need to know for an optimal video experience?

  • Plan to be in a quiet place to reduce background noise.  Using a headset or earbuds with microphone will help reduce this noise and improve your ability to hear the conversation.
  • Take special care to choose a location that meets your privacy needs for the conversation (for example, away from family members).
  • Please do not login for your appointment while driving. We are concerned for both your safety and ability to focus on the conversation.

What will happen once I click on the link in the text?

  • will launch in your web browser, where you can check in by entering your full name.   
  • Allowing the camera in will be your next step (Microphone and camera access also need to be enabled in the browser settings).  
  • You will then be placed into the virtual waiting  room for your provider, and your provider will start the video call when ready! 

What should I do if I get disconnected from the video?

  • You can log back into the waiting room.  If you are having difficulty, please call 413-794-8484 and we will make alternate plans.

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