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H1N1 Committee Remains Vigilant

The 2009 - 2010 flu season received much media attention, particularly due to the existence of the new Novel H1N1 strain (swine flu). Now that we are heading into spring, our practice and H1N1 committee remain vigilant of new outbreaks with the goal of reducing illness. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide you with pertinent updates when necessary.

Looking back over the flu season, we are especially proud of our efforts to manage effectively the H1N1 outbreak in the fall of 2009. Shortly after we learned of the potentially series complications of this virus especially in the pregnant population, we mobilized an H1N1 committee who was responsible for researching the virus, establishing protocols for treatment of pregnant women, educating our staff, and disseminating real-time H1N1 information to employees and patients alike. We registered to be an H1N1 vaccination site and closely monitored the supply of vaccine; we established work flows with the purpose of dispensing the vaccine to our pregnant patients without delay. During the peak of the outbreaks and vaccine supply shortage period, we regularly maintained our webpage on H1N1, sometimes updating it multiple times per day with information about our vaccine supply and other important information and flu resources. We will continue to monitor flu season updates.  Click here to visit our H1N1 resource page.

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