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Dr. Ollari Completes Boston Marathon

We are very proud that our own Dr. Chris Ollari and his wife both ran in the 114th Boston Marathon on April 19, 2010. Dr. Ollari placed an impressive 3,079 out of the 23,126 runners who started the race!

Dr. Ollari has always held running close to his heart as one of us favorite activities and enjoys other sports as well. He believes that keeping active is a key factor in maintaining good physical and mental health for men and women of all ages.

Dr. Ollari feels that his love of athletics helps him address exercise concerns with his patients. “I enjoy helping my patients figure out how they can incorporate physical activity into their lives. Getting the appropriate amount of exercise doesn’t have to be a mundane activity. In fact, many activities can be incorporated into your daily routines…such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and so on.  Also, it’s great to use the ‘buddy system’ when trying to maintain an active lifestyle…taking a walk or playing a game of tennis with a friend or family member can be much more appealing than getting on a treadmill by yourself. It’s best to start slowly and build your longevity and of course, consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise routine to be sure it is safe for you.”

Click here to read Dr. Ollari's full professional biography! 

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