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Susan Libbos, CNM Attends Integrative Medicine Conference

Susan Libbos, CNM recently attended a comprehensive multi-day conference focusing on Integrative Medicine in Women’s Healthcare. Healthcare providers from around the United States including nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and physicians gathered at the event to learn about complementary alternative treatments, specifically in the field of women’s healthcare. Topics included evaluation of integrative approaches to pain management, thyroid issues and fatigue, bioidentical hormones, lifestyle management techniques for cardiovascular disease, the benefits and risks of food and herbal supplements, and the benefits of meditation, guided imagery, and healing touch therapies. Susan comments that “the field of complementary medicine is always evolving. Staying abreast of the types of integrative therapies that are supported by evidence-based research is important in my clinical practice. With this knowledge, I am able to provide my patients with a better understanding of how to incorporate complementary therapies with medical treatments to gain the most benefit.”


Susan provides gynecological and obstetrical care in our Springfield office.

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