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CenteringPregnancy Site Approval Achievement

In recognition of achieving remarkable quality and sustainability milestones, the Centering Healthcare Institute in Boston, MA recently renewed the site approval for the CenteringPregnancy® model of care at Baystate Ob/Gyn Group, Inc.  Integrated into the practice in 2009, the Centering model of care has become a very popular option for patients seeking an innovative, effective group model of prenatal care that encourages long term health and wellness.  

Centering is an evidence-based model of group care that combines health assessment, interactive learning and community building to deliver positive health outcomes and an exceptional care experience for patients and their providers.  CenteringPregnancy® brings 8-12 pregnant women who are due around the same time together for prenatal care. Each of the nine visits is two hours long—giving women much more time with their provider team. Patients receive the highest quality of care and, as part of a cohesive group, patients form a supportive community where they develop skills and confidence to take control of their health.  A recent Centering patient commented, “This is my second pregnancy going through the nurse midwives’ CenteringPregnancy® group.  The atmosphere is supportive and educational.  The bonds you make with the group have helped me feel stronger and less alone throughout the entire experience, while the midwives create and add to the supportive atmosphere.”

Specific clinical target areas of CenteringPregnancy® include prematurity, low birth weight and breastfeeding rates.  A review of our data from 2015 CenteringPregnancy® groups indicated that we exceeded our target goals in all three areas (based on the 2014 Massachusetts State Health Improvement Plan).  “We congratulate Baystate Ob/Gyn Group, Inc. They join a growing number of dedicated Centering practice sites throughout the U.S. who are creating a movement that is impacting health outcomes, the patient experience and provider satisfaction” said Angie Truesdale, CEO of Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI), the non-profit that provides implementation support, training and tools to ensure model fidelity to Centering practice sites. For more information on CHI and the Centering models of group care, visit  For more about the CenteringPregnancy model of care at Baystate Ob/Gyn Group, Inc., visit our CenteringPregnancy page!    

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