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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

We are excited to be an area pioneer and one of the first practices in Western Massachusetts to have implemented an electronic medical record system (EMR).

We adopted our electronic system in 2006 and can’t imagine going back to the days of paper charts for many reasons that are of significant benefit to you as a patient:

  • Your chart is available instantly to your practitioner at any of our offices, eliminating the need to transfer paper files or locate paper charts.
  • Your private information is protected with safeguards only available through technology-based security measures, such as a secure login.
  • Messages and lab results are delivered to your practitioner more efficiently than ever possible with paper records, prompting more efficient medical decision-making.
  • Computerized notes replace hand written notes in your chart.
  • Prescriptions can be faxed directly from our computer system, reducing wait times at the pharmacy.

Our practice remains focused on our core goal of providing personalized, meaningful healthcare to meet your needs. We have taken our decision to go “paperless” very seriously, improving the quality of care we provide to you. Baystate Ob/Gyn Group, Inc. is very proud to be part of the initiative that will bring healthcare into the next generation, and for the environmentally friendly benefits of paperless records.

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