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Payment Plans & Collections

We do our best to work with you through any financial situation when it relates to your medical care. Communication with us is critical if you are having difficulty paying your balance.

Financial Arrangements and Payment Plans

Our dedicated Financial Coordinator can assist you if you need to make financial arrangements for an existing balance or for an upcoming expense. For payment arrangements or questions, please contact Lissette at (413) 794-2519 or our billing department at (413) 794-8460.


Referring a patient’s account to a collection agency is a rare occurrence in our practice due to the numerous attempts that we make to resolve balances without the need for further action. We are understanding of individual financial situations and we absolutely work with every patient who establishes and maintains an acceptable payment plan.

If you have been notified that your account is in danger of being sent to collections, we urge you to contact us at (413) 794-8460 as soon as possible. Together we can make the necessary arrangements to prevent your account from defaulting.

After we have exhausted all attempts to secure payment or payment arrangements, or if a financial agreement has defaulted, your account may be referred to our collection agency who will correspond with you regarding your balance.

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